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Labserve Analytical Services (Est. 1978)

Labserve is a SANAS (ISO 17025:2005) Accredited laboratory (T0467) that has almost 40 years experience in supplying analytical testing services to the Mpumalanga Province as well providing services to customers both countrywide and as far afield as Mauritius,Madagascar, Zambia, and the DRC.

Labserve has been instrumental in various municipalities achieving both Blue and Green Drop status. Labserve is the only SANAS accredited laboratory in the Nelspruit/Mbombela area (visit

Our experienced staff aim to give you friendly service and we strive to maintain the highest standards, and give you reliable results at a fair price.

Labserve uses modern, state of the art equipment (including but not limited to a Discrete Analyser, AAS. ICP-OES, GC/MS, LC/MS-MS) and constantly upgrades its capabilities. All equipment is regularly calibrated and serviced.


We are now accredited for MRL testing!

We are constantly adding pesticides to our compound table and adding matrices to our accredited tests.

(Our updated SANAS Certificate is available on request or visit:

Furthermore, we also offer discount for bulk submissions of 20 or more samples per batch. This is applicable to soil and leaf samples.

If you have any queries please feel free to contact our Customer Relationship Coordinator at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

UPDATE 06/06/2017:

We can now offer the following GC/MS tests

  • Pesticide Residues (MRL's) for Fresh & Preserved Produce, Dried Fruit, Honey and Fruit Juices.

  • Pesticide levels in Water samples.

  • Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH) in Water and Soil Samples.

  • BTEX Compounds in Water and Soil samples.

  • VOC and sVOC's in Water and Soil samples.

  • General Organic compounds scan on various sample matrices.

  • Specialised compounds (Please contact us for more information).

Our LC/MS-MS is now in operation and we are in the process of accrediting a number of tests for it. We currently offer the following LC/MS-MS tests:

  • Pesticide Residues (MRL's) for Fresh & Preserved Produce, Dried Fruit, Honey and Fruit Juices.

  • Aflatoxin testing and speciation (G1, G2, B1, B2 and Total Aflatoxins) for Macadamia and Other Nuts, Feeds, Dried Produce and various other matrices.
  • Pesticide levels in Water samples.

  • Caffeine content of Drinks, Foods etc.

  • Specialised compounds and testing eg. Catechins in various matrices; Compound retention/kinetic studies etc (Please contact us for more information).

We also offer the following new tests;

  • Glucose, Sucrose and Fructose content of Fruit Juices, Cooldrinks, Honey etc.

  • Total Polyphenols

  • D- and L-Lactic acid testing of Fruit Juices

  • Specialised Microbiological and Veterinary Testing through our partner laboratory; Capricorn Veterinary Laboratories.



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